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Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 7:45 PM

The Teague Economic Development Corporation is currently seeking a full time Executive
Director. The Teague EDC is looking for the right person that is knowledgeable of municipal
budgeting, is a team player, a strong communicator, experienced marketer and public
speaker and is also self-disciplined.
Training and continued education will be part of this position so as to keep up with the ever-
changing times. Compensation for this position is contingent upon college education and/or
experience. Benefits available.
Submit your resume to the Teague Economic Development Corporation at the following
email address: edc.director@edcteaguetx.com

EDC Continues to Strengthen Teague Businesses
Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 11:45 AM

Since 2013, the Economic Development Corporation of Teague, Inc. (EDC) has contributed over $600,000.00 to local businesses as part of its Incentive Program. This program allows the EDC to contribute matching funds for various improvements to help businesses improve their buildings and activities. The EDC can assist businesses in ways not available to the City of Teague.

Applications for the Incentive Program are available at the EDC office at 411 Main Street or by contacting one of the EDC Directors. Once the application is received, the EDC board of directors considers the expense and compares it to the list of permissible contributions set by the State of Texas. If the application and the permissible contributions match, the EDC board of directors then follows a set legal procedure for approving the distribution of funds. This procedure includes a public hearing for discussion for each applicant.

Projects available for assistance include land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, targeted infrastructure, and improvements found by the corporation’s board of directors to promote new or expanded business development. Creation of new jobs and job retention are major goals of the EDC.

Assistance given to Teague businesses includes signage for many businesses, façade improvements, lighting for the baseball fields, Christmas projects, revitalizations, BRI Museum repairs and additions, and many other individual business improvements.

The EDC has been instrumental in bringing the Teague Senior Living Apartments to the city as well as the Cedar Street Assisted Living Facility. The Teague Business Park was purchased and created by the EDC, and a business is currently preparing to build a retail store on part of the Park it purchased.

Populating the Teague Business Park requires utilities to be available. Electricity and water are already in place. A required sewer lift station has been built by the EDC to provide waste water utilities to the Park. The cost of the lift station was over $280,000.00, and it will be gifted to the City of Teague to save tax payers an additional expense.

The EDC is continually searching for potential businesses that might locate in Teague. Businesses considering a move to Teague make the EDC their first contact to gather information. One of the major issues at this time is the lack of available office/retail space for a prospective new business. The EDC has plans already in motion to help alleviate this situation and looks forward to working with existing businesses, new businesses, and potential businesses.

Business Park Progress
Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 12:30 PM

Board members of the Economic Development Corporation of Teague visit the site of the new sewer lift station at the Teague Business Park. Board members are (l to r) Steve Massey, Director; Stephanie Burns, President; Jerry Ballew, Secretary/Treasurer; and Ryan Mathison, Vice-President. Not present was Andy Lackey, Director.


Construction is well under way at the Teague Business Park on Highway 84 west in Teague. Duplichain Construction, LLC is installing a sewer lift station at the northeast corner of the 30-acre property. Once completed, this lift station will provide service for the businesses located at the business park. Brookshire Brothers is currently in the process of engineering and designing their new building and will be the first to locate in the business park.

The lift station will be finished at a total cost of $208,964.00. After the facility is completed and put into operation, the equipment will become the property of the City of Teague at no cost.

The Economic Development Corporation of Teague (EDC) has been working for several years acquiring land to establish a business park for the City of Teague. Land purchases, surveying, clearing, and obtaining permits from the Texas Department of Transportation have all been put in place by the EDC to provide an attraction for new businesses.

Brookshire Brothers and EDC
Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 9:30 AM
After several months of discussions and legal activity, the Economic Development Board of Teague, Inc. (EDC) is proud to announce the sale of the first parcel of land in the new Teague Business Park. The park is located on Highway 84 west just inside the Teague City Limits.
Representatives from Brookshire Brothers and the EDC finalized the sale of five acres on October 20, 2022. The popular grocery store chain will now begin design for a new retail facility at the park to open as soon as design and construction can be completed.
Brookshire Brothers and the EDC are pleased to make the Teague Business Park a reality.
Both parties anticipate the new store to attract more businesses to Teague.
EDC Business Park
Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 9:25 AM
Business Park Sign


After several years of planning, negotiating, purchasing, and preparing by the Economic Development Corporation of Teague, Inc. (EDC), the Teague Business Park has become a reality.  Several parcels of adjoining land were purchased and combined into one 30–acre tract to provide a good location for potential businesses. 

The park is located on west Highway 84 about one-quarter mile inside the Teague city limits.  The land has been cleared, and parcels are ready for purchase and construction. 

To make the Teague Business Park attractive to industry or business, it will have all utilities available with the completion of a sewer lift station being installed by the EDC.  There is also possible rail accessibility for any business needing to ship or receive large quantities of materials.  Access to the Park will be coordinated with the Texas Department of Transportation to allow direct entry from Highway 84 suitable for both automobiles and trucks.

The total cost of developing the Business Park has been borne by the EDC.  Funding for the EDC comes solely from about one tenth of the 2.25% city sales tax collected.  Business Park land purchases total $231,141.  The EDC has spent $42,292 for surveying and clearing, and will be spending an additional $208,964 for the sewer lift station design and build.  Once the sewer lift station is complete, it will become the property of the City of Teague at no cost to the city.

Developing such a project takes time, effort, and funding.  The appearance of the property changes slowly during the planning stage. With the installation of the new signage, the Teague Business Park is now “open for business”!

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